Alerts trained volunteers to Cardiac Arrests
Integrates with CAD
Database of > 28,000 AEDs
Over 19,000 volunteers registered
Highly governed and flexible

Dispatch staff and co-responders to emergencies
Integrates with CAD
Offers real-time encrypted on-scene footage
"Book on/off duty" and record hours
Highly Customisable


A community of lifesavers

Operating Internationally, GoodSAM (Good Smartphone Activated Medics) is the world's most advanced emergency alerting platform. The app allows alerters to dial the emergency services, and at the same time notify nearby medically qualified responders of a medical emergency. By alerting responders of an emergency, GoodSAM connects those in need with those who have the skills to provide critical help before the emergency services arrive.

We are saving lives in the community. Join us: download the GoodSAM Alerter app today.

Whose life might you save today? Calling all responders.

The difference early CPR and defibrillation makes can be crucial - that's where you come in. If you are trained in first aid, download the GoodSAM Responder App today. You'll then be alerted when you are in the immediate vicinity of a cardiac arrest, so that you can start CPR or basic first aid in the critical minutes before the emergency services arrive. The GoodSAM platform is highly governed and secure, with checks to ensure that all Responders are medically qualified. Once verified, you'll join our network of community lifesavers.

Join us: Get the app. Save a life. (Interactive Map)

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