GoodSAM Police

The GoodSAM Platform has many features that are radically changing how policing can be delivered. Improving speed, evidence gathering and enabling better support of local communities. Two key features are Instant Video and Incident Management Solutions.

Instant Video

We have worked with Police Forces to provide the most versatile video platform specifically for policing. One-way video runs concurrently with the emergency call - no need to hang up and restart a video conference which is not practical and dangerous in an emergency.

Features are:

1) Open any caller's phone camera in < 10 seconds.
2) Locate the caller instantly - and track them.
3) The video can be forwarded to an officer close to the scene, instantly identifying a suspect and enabling staff to see what they are about to enter.
4) No need to seize phone, evidence is stored, date and time stamped in real time.
5) No need for officers to attend low acuity calls.
5) Video can also be triggered (without the need for an App) directly from the GoodSAM App which means officers can immediately capture and send video.
6) AES 256 encrypted video is stored in a MOPI compliant cloud with automated retention periods of 31 days, 1 year, 7 years, 100 years.
7) Video can also be stored locally or transferred to other providers.
8) Comprehensive audit trail of who has viewed video with customisable permissions for different operators.
9) One way, two way and multi (up to 250!) way video means that additional people can be brought into conference call, interview a suspect or provide remote legal aid / representation.
10) Video can be taken from any device which connects to the internet - RTMP feed devices such as bodycams, drones, CCTV, Go-Pros.

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Case Examples:

The GoodSAM video platform has been extensively used by Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Police. Examples of use include:
1) Witness-less prosecutions - when domestic violence victims do not wish to press charges.
2) Locating and releasing refugees trapped and suffocating in a sealed lorry.
3) Locating a suicide victim resulting in their successful resuscitation.
4) Many cases of downgrading response due to low acuity or road not being blocked.

Incident Management

The GoodSAM platform has a comprehensive mapping and communications system enabling instant communication with both on and off duty staff, especially in times of Major Incident. The coordination of incidents is also possible with multiple staff being able to view video concurrently and share between Gold, Silver and Bronze both within and across services. This includes video from drones, Go-Pros, Bodycams and phones, all in one place.